DSCC, Future of OLED Manufacturing Report 발간

Published September 29, 2021

DSCC가 The Future of OLED Manufacturing 대한 338 페이지 보고서를 발간했습니다. G6 FMM VTE 기반 RGB OLED의 G8 스케일업과 LTPS/LTPO의 IGZO 전환을 포함하여 IT 디스플레이 주요 이슈들의 해결 방안을 중심으로 OLED 제조의 진화 가능성에 대하여 조사했으며, 아래와 같이 다섯 부분으로 구성되어 있습니다.

  1. Commercial/Industrial History of OLEDs
  2. Historical and Current Technical Challenges
  3. Mobile OLED Manufacturing/Roadmap
  4. IT OLED Manufacturing/Roadmap
  5. OLED TV Manufacturing/Roadmap

History 챕터는 초창기 OLED에 대한 내용을 담았습니다.

  • The first paper from Tang and Van Slyke in 1987;
  • Samsung SDI’s entry and early struggles;
  • Samsung’s OLED TV attempt and LGD’s OLED TV success;
  • Samsung’s success in mobile OLEDs;
  • Apple-SDC tie up, Chinese follow;
  • Apple’s all OLED line-up, etc.

다음 챕터에서는 OLED의 역사와 현 과제에 대하여 다루었습니다.

  • What are the typical yields by region and technology;
  • What are the biggest sources of yield loss;
  • What is the capacity outlook by technology and manufacturer;
  • Impact of China;
  • Threats from other technologies including miniLEDs, microLEDs, QNED, etc.;
  • How the capital intensity in OLED manufacturing has risen.

스마트폰 챕터에서는 최근 이루었거나 조만간 달성할 것으로 보이는 혁신에 대하여 이야기했습니다.

  • Integrating the touch sensor;
  • Offering variable refresh down to 10Hz;
  • Replacing the polarizer with a color filter;
  • Micro lens patterning;
  • Hiding selfie cameras and IR sensors under the display;
  • High resolution lithography;
  • High efficiency blue OLED emitters;
  • IGZO backplanes;
  • Optimizing the display to enable new form factors such as foldable and rollable.


Written by

Sarah Kim

[email protected]