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본 리포트는 디스플레이 업계에서 가장 종합적인 OLED 출하량 관련 리포트로 스마트폰을 포함한 기타 모바일 용도와 TV 패널 시장에 대한 내용을 담고 있습니다. 또한 용도와 공급업체, 사이즈별 현재/향후 OLED 출하량과 수익을 조사하여 주요 용도에서 OLED가 LCD를 추월하는 타이밍을 예측했습니다.

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This is the industry's most comprehensive OLED shipment report, covering smartphone, other mobile and TV panel markets. This report looks at current and future OLED shipments and revenues by application, supplier and size. and forecasts the timing of OLED overtaking LCD in all major applications.

Areas Covered:

  • Panel sizes ranging from 1" to 77"
  • Quarterly OLED shipments and revenues by application, panel supplier and customer
  • Supply chain for all OLED applications
  • Mobile supply chain by model # in China
  • OLED panel shipments to TV brands by size/resolution

With this report, you can find out:

  • How big the OLED market is projected to grow?
  • How quickly will the smartphone market migrate to OLEDs?
  • When will OLEDs overtake LCDs and when will flexible OLEDs overtake rigid OLEDs?
  • When will foldable OLED shipments take significant share?
  • What mobile applications after smartphones are likely to be dominated by OLEDs?
  • Which brands are the largest buyers of OLEDs by application?
  • Which Chinese suppliers are likely to emerge by application?

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