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본 리포트는 디스플레이 공급망 내 상장 기업 46곳의 재무건전성에 대한 심층 분석을 제공하여 경쟁사에 대한 벤치마킹뿐만 아니라 공급업체와 고객사의 재무건전성을 추정할 수 있게 합니다. 이와함께 디스플레이 공급망의 계층별로 집계된 metrics도 포함하고 있습니다.

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리포트 관련 문의: sarah@displaysupplychain.com

This report provides a deep dive into the health of 46 publicly traded companies in the display supply chain which enables companies to benchmark themselves against their competition as well as track the health of their suppliers and customers. It provides critical data and unbiased analysis on panel suppliers and equipment manufacturers which financial analysts can use to benchmark the companies they are tracking and monitor those they haven't been tracking. It also enables companies and bankers to perform financial due diligence on companies they are interested in acquiring or investing in as well as establish industry specific benchmarks and baselines.

This report provides its clients with all of the critical data (income statements, balance sheet, cash flow and industry metrics), insights, market commentary and guidance released by publicly traded display supply chain companies in their quarterly earnings reports, stock exchange filings, press releases and conference calls along with unbiased analysis from DSCC analysts within 24-48 hours of their earnings calls.

​The financial and industry data is incorporated into pivot tables which go back to Q1'13 and makes comparisons by company, layer of the supply chain, country, etc. extremely easy. The results are also aggregated to determine which layer of the supply chain (equipment or panels) is performing best and has the best outlook and which companies within each layer of the supply chain are performing best. Aggregated financial and industry metrics are also provided. Analysis is provided in a PPT file which can easily be incorporated into internal presentations.

Companies covered:

  • Equipment - Applied Materials, AP Systems, Avaco, Canon (Tokki), Charm, Coherent, Contrel, Device ENG, DMS, EO Technics, Han's Laser, HB Technology, ICD, Invenia, Jusung, KC Tech, KMAC, LIS, Nikon, Nissin Electric, Philoptics, SCREEN Holdings, SEMES, SFA Engineering, Shenzhen Liande, SNU Precision, TEL, TES, Top Engineering, Toptec, ULVAC, Vessel, Viatron Technologies, V-Technology, Wonik IPS, Wuhan Jingce, Y.A.C. and YoungWoo DSP.
  • Panels - AUO, BOE, CEC Panda, CHOT, CPT China, CSOT, HannStar, Innolux, JDI, LG Display, Samsung Display, Sharp, Tianma and Visionox. ​

Deliverables include:

  • Powerpoint summaries from every publicly traded display equipment and panel supplier within 48 hours of their earnings calls.
  • Pivot tables with all company financial (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow) and industry data which go back to Q1'13.
  • Comparison chapter which compares company financial and industry performance by company and layer of the supply chain, determining which companies are performing best. Also includes financial and industry metrics aggregated by layer of the supply chain.

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