Biannual Display Glass Report

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본 리포트에서는 LCD/OLED 디스플레이 팹과 관련된 주요 글라스 업체들의 글라스 생산능력과 출하량을 조사했습니다. 또한 본 리포트는 디스플레이 산업 규모와 가동능력에 대한 DSCC의 종합적인 분석과 디스플레이용 글라스와 공급망에 대한 심층 분석을 제공합니다.

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Glass substrates form the starting point for production of all flat-panel displays, and glass supply is critical to the display industry. Even for flexible and foldable OLED displays, glass substrates are used as carriers for a polyimide layer for the display, because of the superior thermal stability characteristics of this versatile material.

​This report tracks glass capacity and shipments for all major glass makers across all LCD and OLED display fabs. The report combines DSCC’s comprehensive insight into industry capacity and utilization with in-depth understanding of display glass and the supply chain.

Areas Covered:

  • Display Glass Capacity Regions: Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan
  • Display Glass Shipment Regions: Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore
  • Gen Sizes from Gen 1 to Gen 10.5
  • Glassmakers: AGC, Corning, NEG, Others
  • Supply Matrix to 26 panel makers

​Report Deliverables Include:

  • ​Mother Glass Capacity by Region
  • Display Glass Market by Quarter, segmented by:
    • ​Panel supplier
    • Gen Size
    • Region of destination shipment
    • Backplane Type (a-Si, LTPS, oxide)
    • Display Technology (LCD, OLED)
  • Display Glass Market Supply Chain
  • Display Glass Prices by backplane type and Gen Size
  • Profile of Glass Manufacturers

​Subscribers will receive a Powerpoint presentation with the elements above with history from Q1 2018 and a forecast of the current year. Subscribers will also receive an Excel file with pivot tables of the display glass market supply chain allowing additional detailed analysis.

Optional Capacity and Utilization Module

An optional add-on to the glass report will cover DSCC’s capacity and utilization database. Delivered in an Excel worksheet with pivot tables, the Capacity and Utilization Module will cover all the segmentations described above with TFT input capacity and utilization by quarter with history starting from 1Q 2018 and a forecast including the current year.

  • Executive Summary
  • Glass Maker News Q2 2021
  • Methodology
  • Display Glass Markets
    • Mother Glass Capacity by Region
    • Market by Gen size
    • Market by Region
    • Market by Backplane Type
    • Market by Glass Maker
    • Display Glass Market Supply Chain
    • Display Glass Prices
    • Display Glass Revenues
  • Display Glass Manufacturers
  • Appendix

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