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본 리포트에서는 플렉서블 AMOLED와 리지드 AMOLED, 그리고 OLED TV 생산에 사용되는 주요 소재에 대하여 조사하였습니다. AMOLED의 생산능력과 패널 출하량에 대한 DSCC의 심도 높은 분석과 AMOLED의 장비 구조 및 AMOLED 소재 가격에 대한 조사 내용을 결합하여 업계에서 가장 정확한 시장 규모와 시장점유율, 그리고 전망을 제공합니다.

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This report tracks all the major materials used to produce flexible AMOLEDs, rigid AMOLEDs and OLED TVs. It includes DSCC's deep knowledge on AMOLED capacity, panel shipments and insight on AMOLED device structures and AMOLED material prices providing the industry's most accurate market size and market share results and forecasts.

Organic materials covered include small molecule and polymer emitter materials and all common materials including hole injection, hole transport, electron transport, buffer layers and more.

Also available is coverage on other materials found in AMOLED displays including circular polarizers and polyimide.

These markets are expected to grow rapidly as the smartphone market transitions from LCD to AMOLED on AMOLED's superior performance and desirable form factor. AMOLED material suppliers and market and financial analysts now have a way to track these exciting markets.

Report Deliverables Include:

  • Overview
    • Material classifications
    • Material development trends
  • Introduction
    • Industry value chain descriptions
    • Supplier profiles
    • Material pricing
  • AMOLED Material Forecasts (2019-2025)
    • Material revenues and quantities segmented by:
      • Application - Mobile, TV, Other
      • Form factor - Rigid vs. Flexible
  • Materials Covered Include:
    • Organic Layers
      • Polymer emissive material (EML)
      • Hole injection material (HIL)
      • Hole transport material (HTL)
      • Electron transport material (ETL)
      • Small molecule emissive material (EML)

  • Page 4 - What’s Changed This Quarter
  • Page 5-9 - Executive Summary
  • Page 10-44 - AMOLED Material Technology
  • Page 45-49 - Methodology for AMOLED Material Estimates
  • Page 50-62 - AMOLED Stack Profiles and Material Costs
    • Stack configuration & thickness
    • Cost per m2
    • Cost for key products
  • Page 63-66 - Supply Chain Matrix by Material Type
  • Page 67-98 - Material Revenue Forecast
    • Page 67-74 - Input Area
    • Page 75-80 - Small/Medium
    • Page 81-91 - TV / Other
    • Page 91-98 - All Applications
  • Page 99-121 - Supplier Revenues
  • Page 122-130 - Supplier Profiles

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