Inkjet Printing Display Technology Report

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잉크젯 인쇄(IJP) 기술은 대형 프리미엄 TV 용도에서 WOLED의 대안이자 중형 사이즈 디스플레이를 위한 기본 옵션입니다. 최근 몇년간 삼성디스플레이, LG디스플레이, AUO, BOE, China Star, JOLED 와 같은 패널업체들은 IJP 기술에 집중적인 연구와 투자를 해왔습니다. IJP 기술은 계속해서 발전하는 중이며 조만간 실제 생산으로 전환될 가능성이 높습니다. 2021년 China Star는 JOLED에 투자하여 협력하기 시작했을 뿐만 아니라 중국 광둥성 광저우에서 8.5세대 T8 잉크젯 OLED 양산라인 계획을 공개한 바 있습니다. 현재 T8의 실현 가능성은 불분명하지만, IJP 기술이 실제 생산으로 진입하는 데 필수적인 단계로 볼 수 있습니다. 본 리포트를 통해 DSCC는 IJP 기술에 대한 종합적인 분석을 제공하고 장비 셋업과 기술 세부정보, 공급망 현황, 패널업체의 계획 및 제품 코스트를 제품별로 다양한 타입에 대하여 설명했습니다. 이와함께 IJP 기술의 잠재력과 해결과제 및 실행 가능한 솔루션도 자세히 검토했습니다.

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Benefits include:

    • Understand the performance benefits of RGB IJP OLEDs versus other technologies;
    • Gain an understanding of the pros and cons of each type of IJP tool, including detailed specifications;
    • Learn the status and challenges related to soluble OLED and QD materials and the status of each suppliers’ offerings;
    • Discover how panel suppliers and IJP suppliers are implementing IJP and how JOLED’s solution and SDC’s differs from others;
    • Find out the status of IJP adoption at each panel supplier and what panel suppliers and OLED and QD material and equipment suppliers need to do to improve their competitiveness;
    • See the IJP equipment and material supply chains by panel supplier by layer;
    • Examine the cost differences between WOLEDs and RGB IJP OLEDs in multiple applications at different sizes and how RGB IJP OLEDs can further improve their competitiveness;
    • Get the latest IJP OLED and QD fab schedules and forecasts.

Table of Contents:

1. Basic Introduction of Inkjet Printing

1.1 Basics of Inkjet Printing Display

1.2 Current Development of IJP EML

1.3 Better For IT before Reaching TV

2. Inkjet Printing Technology in Action

2.1 Printing System: General

2.2 Printing Station: Ink Supply System

2.2 Printing Station: Printer and Head

2.3 Other Important Parts in Printer

2.4 Vacuum Dry System

2.5 Baking and Cooling

2.6 Printability and Ink Mixing

2.7 Bank and Material Requirement

2.8 Printing EML Display: QD and OLED

2.9 Printing QD CF and Others

2.10 Inkjet Printing for High PPI Applications

3. Challenges and Potential Solutions

3.1 Printer: Stability & Durability

3.2 Uniformity & Mura

3.3 Material Challenges

3.4 Other Issue: MMG

3.4 Long Process & Others

4. Supply Chain Analysis

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Material Makers: Bank & OLED

4.3 Printer Makers

4.4 Panel Makers in General

4.5 Short Summary

5. Analysis, Forecasts and Conclusions

5.1 Cost Study

5.2 32” UHD on Gen 8.5 Line

5.3 55” UHD on Gen 8.5 Line

5.4 75” UHD on Gen 10.5 Line

5.5 Competitiveness Analysis: SWOT & Porter’s Five Force

5.6 Factory Schedule & Equipment Spending

5.7 Summary

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