Annual Augmented and Virtual Reality Display Technologies and Market Report

Report Summary

주요 OEM 업체들은 새로운 플래그쉽 제품으로 AR/VR 기기 출시를 준비하고 있습니다. 앞으로 AR/VR 헤드셋에서 디스플레이가 중요한 역할을 하게 될 전망으로 디스플레이 업체들은 밝기, 대비, 해상도를 높이기 위한 기술을 개발 중입니다. 본 신규 리포트는 MicroLED와 OLED를 포함한 모든 디스플레이에 대하여 다루고 있으며 공급업체 및 공급업체의 로드맵에 대한 자세한 정보를 제공합니다. 또한 헤드셋 내부의 광학구조와 호환성에 대해서도 다루고 있으며, AR/VR의 시장 전망도 포함하고 있습니다.

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리포트 관련 문의:

Displays will play a vital role in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. As major OEMs prepare to launch new flagship AR/VR devices, the display manufacturers are developing the technologies to increase brightness, contrast and resolution. This new report covers all the display categories, including LCD, AMOLED, LCoS, DLP, laser beam scanning, MicroLED and OLED on Silicon, and gives details on the key suppliers and their roadmaps. A description of the various optical configurations and waveguide types is included. Market forecasts for both AR and VR are segmented by display types and show the technologies that will generate the most revenues.

This reports focuses on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for the Consumer and Enterprise markets. Military applications are not covered in the forecasts. AR implies the ability to see the real world, whereas VR provides full immersion in a virtual environment. Although some companies also use the term Mixed Reality (MR), the distinction with AR is not well defined and is interpreted differently by various groups. In this report, AR is a broad category that also includes MR. The report gives a complete picture of the various display technologies and associated optics for AR/VR. It profiles the key players and includes market forecasts for each display technology until 2026.

Table of Contents:

    • Executive Summary
      • Key Trends in VR
      • Key Trends in AR
      • CAGR for AR/VR Headsets
      • Overview of Display Supply Chain for Major Products
    • Leading Brands and Headsets
      • Apple's Future Headset
      • VR Headsets
        • Oculus / Facebook
        • HP
        • Valve
        • HTC
        • Sony
        • Lenovo
        • Samsung
        • Pico
        • Pimax
        • Panasonic
      • Passthrough AR
        • Varjo
        • Lynx
        • Canon
      • See-through AR
        • Microsoft HoloLens
        • Magic Leap
        • Vuzix
        • Rokid
        • Nreal
        • Lenovo
        • Oppo
        • Google
        • Epson
        • ActiveLook
    • Optics in AR/VR Headsets
      • Optics for VR
        • Fresnel Lenses
        • Pancake Optics
        • Video Passthrough AR
      • Optical Combiners for See-through AR
        • Waveguides (SRG, HOE, Reflective)
        • Free-space Combiners and Birdbath Optics
        • Retinal Imaging
    • Display Technologies
      • Flat Panel Displays
        • TFT-LCD
        • MiniLED
        • Dual Cell LCD
        • TFT-OLED (AMOLED)
        • Suppliers: Japan Display, AUO, Samsung Display, LG Display, BOE
      • Microdisplays
        • LCD Microdisplays
        • LCoS
        • DLP
        • OLED on Silicon
        • MicroLED
        • Suppliers: Kopin, Texas Instruments, CP, eMagin, Microoled, JBD
      • Laser Beam Scanning
    • Challenges Specific to AR/VR Displays
      • Screen Door Effect
      • Vergence Accommodation Conflict
      • Foveated Rendering
      • Frame Rate and Duty Cycle
      • Brightness and Contrast
      • Collimation
    • Key Suppliers and Technology Roadmaps
      • Sony
      • Kopin
      • eMagin
      • Seeya
      • BOE
      • INT Tech
      • Jade Bird Display
      • Facebook / Plessey Semiconductors
      • Glo
      • Aledia
      • Compound Photonics
      • ST Microelectronics
      • Bosch
    • Micro OLED Capacity and Investment
      • Definition of “Micro OLED”
      • Capacity Outside China
      • Overview of Micro OLED Fabs in China from 11 Suppliers
      • BOE Kunming (BMOT)
      • Seeya
      • Sidtek
      • Lakeside Optical
      • Other fabs in China
    • Forecasts
      • Growth Drivers and Obstacles
      • Shipment Forecast for VR Headsets
      • Shipment and Revenue Forecasts for VR Displays
      • Shipment Forecast for AR Glasses
      • Shipment and Revenue Forecasts for AR Displays
      • Forecasts by Technology

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